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  • Busting the myths of learning online

    Busting the myths of learning online

    There are many different perceptions surrounding learning online, some could even be called myths. As a provider of online Masters courses we want to help you see through these and start looking at the opportunities learning online could provide you with.

  • Why should companies invest in their employees future?

    Why should companies invest in their employees future?

    Many of us consider undertaking professional qualifications or further education to enhance our skills and employability, but are deterred by costs of tuition and finding the available finances to fund our studies.

  • It’s coming home for World Cup brands: An analysis | Sussex

    It’s coming home for World Cup brands

    2018 saw the 21st FIFA World Cup take place, with seemingly more hype, coverage and reach than ever before, which brands surrounding the tournament were keen to get in on.

  • How ad campaigns are changing charities’ fundraising methods

    How advertising campaigns are changing charities fundraising strategies

    According to CBS News, an estimated 103.4 million people watched the highly anticipated 2018 Super Bowl. Anyone who’s ever heard of the Super Bowl is probably also aware, that although a great American sporting event, the halftime show, sponsorship and highly anticipated adverts shown in commercial breaks, generate as much excitement and news coverage as the final score.

  • America's pollution crisis: Can electric cars make a difference?

    Can switching to electric cars help combat the pollution crisis in America?

    According to the Guardian, nearly 60% of US carbon pollution is emitted from power and transportation. President Trump’s announcement on 1 June 2017 to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement will result in America falling further into a pollution crisis.

  • Social media: Why are more people choosing to switch off?

    Are more people switching off from social media?

    Social media has a vast amount of benefits. From a personal point of view it allows us to connect and stay in touch with friends, instantly view the news and find forums of support. From a business standpoint, it enables companies to target consumers, develop and grow a brand and create a community.