Advance your knowledge and career

Learning online is the perfect way to develop your skills, knowledge and employability without taking time away from your professional or life commitments.

The University of Sussex’s online Masters courses are taught 100% online, giving you the opportunity to benefit from Sussex’s expert teaching and courses informed by our internationally renowned research from wherever you are in the world.

As with our on-campus courses, you’ll be taught by internationally recognised academics, researchers and practitioners and study alongside students who are passionate about driving change around the world. Our courses attract a diverse student body, each encouraged to bring their own experiences and knowledge to the classroom to enhance each other’s learning.

As a graduate you’ll not only gain a Master’s from a globally respected UK university, but join a global network of alumni and academics who’ll support you throughout your life and career.

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Join a global network

One of the many reasons’ students choose to join our online courses is the global network of fellow professionals and like-minded colleagues they have the opportunity to study alongside.

Since launching our online courses in March 2018, students have joined us from over 100 countries world-wide. Bringing with them a diverse range of skills, knowledge and ideas, enhancing each other’s learning and broadening each other’s views and opinions.

Peer-to-peer learning is an important element of all our courses. You’ll work with individuals and groups who will complement your own experience and help you develop your thinking, considering problems and solutions from a wider global perspective.

You’ll form professional networks, friendships and support systems which will continue for many years after you graduate.

Virtual learning environment (VLE)

The Virtual Learning Environment, VLE for short, is our digital alternative to the University of Sussex’s campus. It’s a one stop shop where;

– Your teaching and learning takes place
– Lectures and learning materials are stored
– You’ll interact with fellow students and academics advisors
– You’ll find all the information you need about your course.

The platform has been designed specifically for students learning online with Sussex, it’s easy to use, easy to navigate and accessible via your computer, tablet or mobile device 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Through VLE you’ll be able to view real time lectures and seminars, or watch them back, on-demand at a time and place that suits you. All supporting materials for your course are stored in the VLE; research papers, articles, podcasts, suggested readings and viewings, as well as additional learning tools and resources to help you throughout your studies.

We work with a specialist team of course designers to develop our distance learning portfolio. Holding the same academic rigor as the Masters we teach on campus, but giving you the freedom to study at a time you choose, module content and structures, assessment modes and group work have been developed specifically for a virtual learning mode.

The flexibility you need

One of the key factors we consider when developing our online courses is the flexibility required by our students.

Alongside all teaching and learning taking place within the virtual environment, allowing you to study when and wherever you like, courses are designed using a carousel module, with modules starting every two months. This means if you need to take a break from your studies at any time, you can simply ‘step-off’ the course and re-join once you have the time to dedicate to your studies again, making sure you complete your course within the required timeframe.

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