Become a globally focused, strategic marketing leader.

Taught 100% online, our International Marketing MSc will equip you with the skills you need to compete in the global marketplace and catapult your career.

  • 16th in the UK for Marketing – The Complete University Guide, 2022
  • Top 15 in the UK for Business & Economics – Times Higher Education World University Ranking by Subject, 2023
  • Delivered from our EQUIS & AMBA accredited Business School – the most trusted accreditations for business schools globally
  • Accredited by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) for the purpose of gaining CIM qualifications through the Graduate Gateway

Course start dates
There are six start dates every academic year, providing maximum flexibility for our students.

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International Marketing MSc (online) fee: £12,240
Find further information on fees and funding below.

Course overview

International marketing specialists are highly prized across sectors, helping businesses diversify their customer base and unlock revenue in new markets.

With 10 globally focused modules, our online Masters in marketing has been designed to build this sought-after expertise. On the course, you’ll develop a deep understanding of the international marketing landscape and how to tailor strategies for diverse countries and cultures.

The course also has a strong focus on data analysis – equipping you with the technical and strategic skills required of senior decision-makers. Through practical exercises using best-in-class analytics software, you’ll learn how to source, track and interpret key metrics, helping you develop robust marketing plans grounded in data.

The course concludes with a practical consultancy project. You can conduct this for your workplace or an organisation of your choice, offering the chance to demonstrate your new skill set and leadership ability to current or future employers.

Our International Marketing MSc (online) is a part-time course which can be completed in as little as two years, with the option to extend this to four should you need to pause your studies.

For further information, download our course brochure.

Please note, we also offer an on-campus version of our International Marketing Masters or an online Marketing Analysis and Consultancy Postgraduate Certificate (PG Cert).

Study online at the University of Sussex

In this video, you’ll meet some of our inspiring online students and learn more about their distance learning experience, as well as the student support they’ve received throughout their postgraduate studies.

Read the transcript

Why did I choose the University of Sussex? I think because they offered a programme that was number one part-time, and number two online. And it was just easy to balance with my job and other commitments I have.

The faculty have been extremely accommodating given the way the course is structured on a very flexible basis. People are not necessarily flowing from one module automatically to the next.

What I’ve really felt on this online course is that the learning materials are such a high quality. They prepare kind of really consumable content for us on what we should be learning.

The course is flexible in the way it allows you to study. So, I have control of when I can do certain things. If, for example at work I have lots of deadlines coming up I could block out a module and then rejoin it in the next module.

A couple of the anxieties I had before I started the course was how does it all work? But it was all very simple. Within the first week you go on there it’s all very easy to use and navigate Any questions I have had I was able to ask the Student Success team and they get back to you very promptly.

The flexibility of having an app having a website having all the materials you need just makes life a lot easier.

Different methods of learning definitely helped I found that podcast for me were really helpful to get the information in.

I found it great if I’m watching videos and lectures to be able to fast forward them pause them rewind them.

The reading list has actually been something that I’ve really enjoyed because I was a bit kind of worried about not being not having access to the library but the reading list has been carefully like selected and it’s so easy to get onto the books and also for me it’s been great because you can download them as PDFs.

So, people connected really well. We did lots of sharing online and actually we feel really connected so there’s lots of people that I met on the course that I’ll now stay in touch with.

I think it’s really great that the cohort is international for the online course. So I’ve made amazing professional connections with people working in Canada, Asia, all over Europe, as well as all over the UK.

I’d like to end up working in the field. I’m going to take my time now I’ve finished the course and again make sure I end up somewhere I really want to. I think the most important thing for me would be somewhere I feel like I’m actually making a difference for the future

With over four years’ experience teaching the online International Marketing MSc to hundreds of students, we know how to deliver an exceptional distance learning programme. Alongside 24/7 access to our Virtual Learning Environment, you’ll benefit from live and interactive sessions with academics in every module, allowing for personalised 1-2-1 tutoring.

Other benefits of our online International Marketing Masters include:

  • its global focus, ensuring you graduate with the skills to develop an integrated international marketing strategy for multi-national corporations or SMEs looking to expand
  • its comprehensive scope – in addition to modules on data analysis and digital marketing, you’ll gain core skills in marketing research, ethical marketing, consumer psychologies, international branding, and more
  • its practical approach – while you’ll acquire a solid grounding in marketing theory, you’ll also apply this knowledge in ‘simulation’ tasks and the final consultancy project which can take a work-based focus
  • its CIM accreditation, allowing you to gain CIM qualifications through the Graduate Gateway
  • its multinational student cohort – over two thirds of each class join us from outside the UK, bringing valuable regional perspectives and the chance to grow a global network of marketing professionals
  • its flexible nature, enabling you to complete your studies around existing life and work commitments from wherever you are in the world.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing is the world’s largest organisation for marketing professionals, providing globally recognised qualifications and membership.

Our International Marketing course is accredited by the CIM for the purpose of gaining CIM qualifications through the Graduate Gateway.

This allows you to gain further professional qualifications in fewer steps from a highly respected industry body once you graduate.

For more information, contact the Study Online Admissions Team on +44 (0) 1273 019311 or send an email to

All modules are designed to enhance your international marketing expertise and develop your strategic, analytical, management and consultancy skills. They include:

  • Global marketing management
  • Global business environment
  • Global consumer behaviour
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing ethics
  • Marketing analytics & metrics
  • International business and marketing strategy
  • Business analysis tools & managing consultancy projects
  • International branding & communication strategy
  • Digital marketing
  • Analysis and consultancy project part 1 & 2

Each module lasts for seven weeks, and students should allow for 20 hours per week for study time.

The course uses multiple methods to assess students’ knowledge, competence, development, and engagement through individual and group exercises, such as written reports, simulations, essays, project reports, multiple choice questions, and portfolios.  An indication of the likely assessment methods for each module are given here, although these may be subject to change.

Assessments must be completed within the module teaching period for students to progress through the course/to the next module. The final module assessment deadline usually lands on the Monday of Week 8.

This online International Marketing course is part-time and can be completed in a minimum of two years. You’ll have the opportunity to step on and off the course providing you complete it within four years from enrolment.

International Marketing MSc (online)

Alison McGregor 

Course Director: International Marketing MSc (online)

Senior Lecturer In Strategy And Marketing

International Marketing MSc (online)

Rene Moolenaar

Senior Lecturer (Strategy and Marketing)

Director Of Student Experience (University of Sussex Business School

International Marketing MSc (online)

Sam Ahmadi

Lecturer In Strategy & Marketing- Online Distance Learning

International Marketing MSc (online)

Philip Jarman 

Lecturer In Marketing (Strategy and Marketing)

Kevin Master

Dr Kevin Masters

Lecturer In Strategy & Marketing

PROF John Da Silva Luiz

Prof John Da Silva Luiz

Professor of Management (Strategy and Marketing)

DR Xuan Huy Nguyen

Dr Xuan Huy Nguyen

Lecturer in Marketing (Strategy and Marketing)

DR Maria Restuccia

Dr Maria Restuccia

Lecturer In Marketing (Strategy and Marketing)

A lower second-class (2.2) undergraduate honours degree or above from any UK university or international equivalent.

Students with relevant professional experience will also be considered for the online International Marketing Masters.

Find further information on applying for our online Masters in our how-to guide.

Applicants whose first language is not English (and whose first degree was not taught in English) need to supply evidence of IELTS (Academic) at a high level (6.5 overall, including at least 6.0 in each component).

Total Masters course fee: £12,240
Cost per module: £1,020

Course fees will remain fixed for 24 months from your initial course start date. Thereafter, the course fee will rise at a rate of 2.5% per calendar year (subject to rounding for administration purposes).

Learn more about fees and funding options for online learning at Sussex.

Students can take a break in their studies after each seven-week module. This applies to all modules except for the Analysis and Consultancy Project Part 1 and 2. This is a double module of 30 credits involving 14 weeks of study in total. This means you must study part 2 straight after part 1 without any breaks.

Students are permitted to pay for the module in 2 parts if they wish. If choosing to split payments, students need to:

  • pay the first half at the start of the module
  • pay the balance by the final week of teaching.

Any students who fail to pay by this time will have their final assessment and overall module mark withheld until payment has been made.

20% alumni discount

If you have previously graduated from an undergraduate, postgraduate or PhD course with the University of Sussex, you will be eligible for a 20% discount on the online International Marketing MSc course*.

Find out more about the alumni discount and eligibility criteria.

*T&Cs apply

Our online International Marketing MSc opened doors to new job opportunities for student Nolan Clack and gave him the confidence to pursue new career goals.

International Marketing MSc (online)

Student testimonial video

Meet some of our inspiring learners, hear their reasons for choosing the International Marketing course at Sussex, and find out how they fit online learning into their busy lives.

Read the transcript

Hi. My name is Martin O’Callaghan and I’m the Head of Marketing for a financial services business. I chose the International Marketing online course because I currently work in financial services as a Head of Marketing and I have a degree in marketing so I wanted to expand my knowledge, the capability and grow skills as well.

Why did I choose the University of Sussex? I think because they offered a programme that was number one part-time and number two online and it was just easy to balance with my job and other commitments I have.

The course is flexible in the way it allows you to study so I have control of when I when I can do certain things if, for example, at work I have lots of deadlines coming up and I can foresee that happening I could maybe block out a module and then rejoin it in the next module, so the flexibility allows you to  manage that a lot better.

The reading list has actually been something that I’ve really enjoyed because I was a bit kind of worried about not having access to the library because during my undergrad I kind of, you know, you go to the library a lot  and use as a study place and it’s nice to kind of flick through books  but the reading list has  been carefully like selected and there’s a lot on there and it’s so easy to get onto the books and also for me it’s been great because you can download them as PDFs.

I definitely like the variety of different modules that they offered and there was a lot of subjects such as like Digital Marketing, Marketing Ethics. I was really interested in. So yeah it just seemed like a good one for me.

The other students, most of them were working full-time as well whilst doing a course so they had different job roles and I was able to meet a wide variety of people within those job roles and  I’ve got them on LinkedIn  and we keep in contact and what’s been great is, it’s been really good to to share this learning experience with others and also see how they’ve progressed through the course as well.