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  • Man in shirt smiling at woman to the left of the image.

    Positive leadership: the business case for leading with kindness

    Ask people about their career, and many will have a ‘bad boss’ story to share. We know that effective leadership is key to employee retention, so why are so many bosses still getting it wrong and what traits and behaviours should they exhibit to hold onto staff?

  • Birdseye view of three students in a room with green chairs, talking about wellbeing at word ideas.

    Wellbeing at work ideas: five ways to improve working lives

    Promoting wellbeing in the workplace helps both individuals and businesses to flourish. While employee wellbeing has been steadily climbing up the list of priorities for employers, there’s still work to do.

  • Psychology of Kindness and Wellbeing at Work PG Cert online

    The psychology of kindness: a catalyst for positive change

    Learn more about the psychology of kindness and how you can drive a culture of kindness at work to enhance employee wellbeing and business performance.