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America's pollution crisis: Can electric cars make a difference?

Can switching to electric cars help combat the pollution crisis in America?

According to the Guardian, nearly 60% of US carbon pollution is emitted from power and transportation. President Trump’s announcement on 1 June 2017 to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement will result in America falling further into a pollution crisis. Whilst The Department of Energy estimates that carbon pollution from electric vehicles is 60% lower than traditional gasoline-powered cars.

These figures show how  electric cars can make a substantial difference to pollution levels in America. Although  uptake is slow, with 97% of Americans still buying gasoline powered vehicles, a change in policy and encouragement from the US government could see the electric car market grow. .

John Axsen, a senior Visiting Research Fellow at the Centre on Innovation and Energy Demand (CIED) at the University of Sussex, is an expert in the field of transport sustainability. He suggests that a lack of supply in the vehicles and limitation in charging facilities is causing a barrier for people who could convert to electric vehicles. John believes that the way forward is strong public policy support and learning from regional leaders for guidance.

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