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Trese Foley

International Marketing MSc (online)

Why did you choose to study an online course with the University of Sussex?
I chose to study an online course with the University of Sussex because they are known as a reputable university and have an actual campus presence. They offered an accredited program that was 100% online, via an easy to use platform, with access to tutors who bring real world experience.

How have you found the teaching and interaction with your fellow students and academic teams as an online student?  
I’ve enjoyed the ability to connect with fellow students and academic teams from across the globe and appreciate that we all have similar interests and a language in common to ease communication and share experience and knowledge. I find the live sessions particularly useful as they allow for easy exchange of ideas, much like if you were in a real classroom.

How do you manage your study time, fitting your Masters around your professional and personal commitments?  
Managing study time requires discipline and at times tough decisions. As a full-time professional, it is challenging to manage my career, my family and my studies. However, its said where there’s a will, there’s a way, and with careful planning and communication it can be done!

How has the course had a positive impact on your career? How are you bringing what you are learning into the workplace?  
The impact on my career is still to be determined, as I’m only half way through the course. However, I do share the interesting insights I’m learning and try to apply them to my daily activities.

What is the key benefit for you of studying this course online?  
As a person who is returning for my Masters midway through my career, I’m benefiting from the course through a renewed passion for my profession and updating my knowledge on current practices that I can incorporate into my existing career.

What would you say to anyone considering an online course but isn’t sure how they’ll manage studying online? 
One advantage to an online course is that you can control your study time and create a schedule that works for your lifestyle. Additionally, University of Sussex’s resources, connections to fellow students, tutors, advisors, and the online platform make accessing information for your studies simple and easy.

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