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Why did you choose to study an online course with the University of Sussex?

I am a full-time employee and most of the time travelling from one country to other, I do not have enough time to attend a campus-based course. I found this course very convenient and it provides the same quality as a campus course.

How have you found the teaching and interaction with your fellow students and academic teams as an online student?

In the beginning, I was a bit worried that the online course would be challenging and difficult to interact with the teachers and fellow students. Surprisingly it was a way better to what I expected! The live sessions with teachers have many interactive activities, and the courses has group assignments putting students in groups to work together. In addition to this the Student Success Team aim to put students who are in the same time zone together in one group, making it easier for commination. I have also managed to contact some students in my city and meet them in person, which gives me a greater feeling of not studying alone.

How do you manage your study time, fitting your Masters around your professional and personal commitments?

I have a very busy schedule and I’m travelling most of the time so I dedicate morning time (5–7 a.m) every day to study and sometimes evening for one or two hours, and around 7 hours at the weekend which is usually sufficient. It’s very important that the course martials are always available (as long as you have an internet connection) so you can access them at anytime and anywhere.

How has the course had a positive impact on your career?  

This course has improved my ability to look at things from different perspectives and introduce new knowledge in the energy field, especially pertaining energy efficiency, which is my main focus. I’ve also been able to initiate a new network outside of my current work scope. This new network will be useful for my future career.

 What is the key benefit for you of studying this course online?  

For me, the main benefit is developing my ability to write in an academic way and specifically in the energy domain, as well as allowing me to pursue my dream to study a master’s degree in energy policy whilst keeping on my career path. In addition, to communicate and work with people from different countries, different backgrounds and where most of the students have a very good experience in deferent fields and are open to sharing these experiences. This is one of a great benefit to studying online at Sussex.

 What would you say to anyone considering an online course but isn’t sure how they’ll manage studying online?  

Studying online is similar to campus study, it needs determination and you need to allocate enough time daily, but the teaching and Student Success team are always available to support you, and at any time you can take a break from your studies, which I have done, and then resume your study which gives great flexibility and is not available on campus courses.

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