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Ibrahim Mustapha

Sustainable Development MSc (online)

Why did you choose to study an online course at the University of Sussex?

I chose an online course because I cannot afford to leave my job and earnings to pursue a full-time course. The online course has allowed me to remain in my job, earn a wage, attend to my financial obligations, improve my skills and earn a world-class degree.

How have you found the teaching and interaction with your fellow students and academic teams as an online student? 

I have found the teaching very interactive and the academic and non-academic (support) teams very responsive. The organization is such that you never work alone and interactions with fellow students have been high, contributing to a lot of cultural and academic learning and networking opportunities.  

How do you manage your study time, fitting your Masters around your professional and personal commitments?

It has been a tug of war sharing my time with my studies, work, family commitment, and recreation and spiritual commitments as a Christian. But I am finetuning as I go along. It was more difficult when I started, I am gradually mastering the process.

How has the course had a positive impact on your career? How are you bringing what you are learning into the workplace? 

One of my key responsibilities is supporting and coordinating activities of Development Partners in my country. Within the short period I have been on this course (I’m currently in my third module) my skills and understanding of humanitarian and development nexus has improved drastically and I am already being called to higher responsibilities.

What is the key benefit for you of studying this course online? 

The University of Sussex is ranked number one in the world for development studies, above Harvard and Oxford. So, the overall benefit at the end of the course is to obtain a Master’s degree that commands global respects

What would you say to anyone considering an online course but isn’t sure how they’ll manage to study online? 

That it requires commitment, determination, and tenacity of purpose. That you must be ready to invest your time.

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