Which quantum technology course is right for you?

Which quantum technology course is right for you?

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What level of scientific knowledge do you already have when it comes to quantum principles?

I’m familiar with some quantum terms, but I don’t have an advanced level of knowledge.
I feel relatively confident with the core principles of quantum physics, but not necessarily quantum technology.
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What level of understanding do you want to develop about quantum technologies?

I want to develop a foundational understanding so I can speak the ‘quantum language’.
I’m looking to advance my existing knowledge of quantum technology and focus on the core scientific principles.
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Are you aware of how science and business can be combined?

Not really, but I’m keen to learn more about this area.
I have some knowledge, but I’m more fascinated by the science that underpins quantum technology.
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What level of knowledge do you have about emerging quantum technology markets?

I’m not familiar with quantum markets but I’m keen to learn more.
I’d prefer to focus on the scientific aspects of quantum technology.
Question 5 of 5.

Is it important for you to learn how to commercialise new technologies?

Yes, I want to understand how quantum technologies can be used to drive innovation and impact the marketplace.
I'm more interested in learning about the science behind quantum technologies.

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Which quantum technology course is right for you?

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