Module Lead: Professor Matthias Keller

In this module, you’ll be introduced to quantum networks and quantum cryptography. You’ll develop a theoretical understanding of these concepts and build a foundation from which you can describe quantum interfaces on an elementary level. You’ll be given a framework to understand how quantum mechanical systems can be used to create quantum networks and implement cryptography, and you’ll explore their theoretical foundations and experimental implementation. The topics covered in this module are of increasing interest from both a research and business perspective. Secure communication based on quantum technology is on the verge of being widely commercially available and will be an important part of future communication networks. Quantum networks are crucial building blocks for future quantum computers in order to scale quantum processors to a large number of quantum bits.

This module is particularly beneficial for students who are interested in developing their career in quantum information processing, secure communication, or quantum applications.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • comprehend the concepts of quantum networks and quantum cryptography
  • analyse and interpret simple quantum processes
  • critically appraise simple communication procedures, such as quantum teleportation
  • devise potential applications of quantum networks.

Types of assessments may include:

  • a problem set (30%) – finding the solutions for a set of problems.
  • a portfolio (70%) – different tasks which may include:
    – a review of different schemes for quantum communication
    – a written analysis of specific schemes for quantum networking
    – an individual presentation on a specific topic within quantum networks and communication.