Module Lead: Supervisor-led

The final part of the MSc is a major research project carried out under the supervision of a member of the faculty or postdoctoral researcher, with a significant degree of independence. Through your research activities, you’ll familiarise yourself with a new field of research, using the appropriate tools to study the specific subject field to produce an original result in the context of the different aspects of modern quantum technology.

Your research project should demonstrate the application of concepts learnt throughout the course in order to solve a problem. It is also an opportunity for you to develop professional relationships with students, academics, and industries, and these relationships and networks will serve you long after the MSc has ended. As research projects typically relate to the current research interests of supervisors, they will be close to or beyond state-of-the-art and will add value to the course.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • systematically understand key aspects of a new field of research
  • demonstrate self-direction and originality in the use of appropriate research tools
  • write a clear and comprehensive account of your project work in a research thesis
  • carry out a major research project autonomously and creatively.

Types of assessments may include:

  • a presentation (30%) – an oral presentation (with slides) of the work you carried out during the first half of your project and the plans for the second half
  • a dissertation (70%) – a dissertation of up to 4,200 words about your research project.