Module Lead: Professor Paul Nightingale

In this module you’ll explore current developments in the quantum technology market, along with likely near-term and longer-term future developments. You’ll learn about the relationship between quantum technologies and commercial opportunities, as well as the interplay of market pull and technology push across various sectors, from security-based communication and screening to smart materials and clinical diagnostics.

The module provides an overview of innovation management theories and frameworks, and how quantum technologies and other related scienceintensive technologies are developed and commercialised. This will cover how firms source ideas, form strategies, implement and finance them, and generate commercial returns. The module teaches innovation management within an economic and social context, so you’ll learn about managing relationships with stakeholders such as funders, regulators, customers, and the wider public to ensure innovations are both commercially successful and socially responsible.

This module is particularly relevant to students who currently work in the quantum technology space, or to students who want to
develop a career in this field as a:

  • technical manager in small or large companies
  • technology advisor in an emerging quantum technology business
  • manager who wants to develop better links between academia and business
  • entrepreneur looking to use emerging quantum technologies to disrupt the market.

By studying this unique business-focused module, you’ll better understand how quantum principles can be applied in a meaningful and tangible way, and learn how these technological advancements generate significant economic value. You’ll learn general innovation management tools and methods, and a specific selection that focus on the atypical needs of quantum innovation across various sectors. You’ll develop valuable interdisciplinary skills that will help you collaborate with numerous specialist professionals during your career. By helping you understand the requirements and needs of other stakeholders, this module will teach you how to contribute towards the development of successful strategies, implementation plans, and business models.

By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • demonstrate critical awareness of the current status of emerging quantum technology markets
  • assess the innovation, technological and business challenges in various quantum technology market sectors
  • comprehend the framework for responsible innovation and reflect on the role played by quantum technologies.

Types of assessments may include:

  • a portfolio (40%) – the portfolio will review a small number of frameworks and assesses how useful they are for understanding innovation in quantum applications
  • an essay (60%) – this will feature a commercialisation or innovation case study of your choice.