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Science, Tech & Innovation Policy Challenge | Sussex

Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Challenge

This year, the University of Sussex hosted a new competition open to all Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) MSc and PhD students. The Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) Policy Challenge challenged the participants to develop creative science, technology and innovation policy ideas, which were presented to a panel of judges and live audience, who also had the chance to vote for their favourite idea.

Jo Chataway, Professor of Science and Technology Policy, says that the challenge is a way to “showcase the insights, skill and creativity that our students bring to addressing policy challenges” and to “nurture our student’s ambitions to use STI policy to overcome critical and diverse social, economic and environmental problems.”

Some of the innovative ideas included using blockchain technology to increase transparency in the humanitarian aid sector, to developing a universal information storage and sharing service in India’s medical system.

Watch the video below of the winning presentation titled Shining Light on the Reproducibility Crisis.

Read the full article and watch more entries here.