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Meet Sussex alumnus and anti-bullying campaigner, Liam Hackett

Meet Sussex alumnus and anti-bullying campaigner, Liam Hackett

Head of anti-bullying charity and Sussex Alumnus, Liam Hackett, tells us about a typical day in the life in his office at Ditch the Label.

Liam started Ditch the Label when he was 16 after being “brutally” bullied at school for negative views towards his sexuality. What started as a blog on Myspace, has now grown to a charity that in 2017 saw a global reach of 1.1 million, and video views reaching 60 million. Each month, around 150,000 young people (12 to 25) visit ‘Ditch’s’ website for advice and support.

As well as providing support for victims of bullying, Ditch the Label commissions research exploring issues which cause bullying behaviour; for a recent survey they turned to big data to review 25 million online conversations around masculinity.

Liam and his teams hard work is paying off, with the charity growing each year, he hopes they will soon be able to launch a 24 hour support line and expand into further territories.

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