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Global sustainability experts speak out | University of Sussex

Global sustainability experts demand more efficient approach to deliver UN goals

Leading global sustainability experts and stakeholders, including the University of Sussex Professor Joseph Alcamo, Director of the Sussex Sustainability Research Programme (SSRP) and former Chief Scientist of UN Environment, have asked governments to develop a more strategic and efficient approach as they begin adapting plans to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

They have requested urgent action to be taken to exploit the connections between goals, in order to successfully deliver significant savings off the final bill, which is likely to run into the trillions of dollars.

The experts insist that a more structured approach, which exploits the synergies among the goals, would lead to the development of a sustainable world by 2030.

Professor Alcamo said: “Achievement of the SDGs remains within our grasp, but that will not always be the case; the time to act is now. That is why we have been working closely with key stakeholders and influencers around the world, such as the Ghanaian government, to open up this discussion on how these synergies among the goals can be harnessed in practical terms and how that can be done with immediate effect.”

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