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Student stories: Susan Jemmott, Energy Policy MSc (online)


Photo of Susan Jemmott, an online Energy Policy student.

Susan Jemmott, Energy Policy MSc (online) student

Susan Jemmott is a Reservoir Engineer based in Trinidad and Tobago.  

In this blog, Susan tells us why she enrolled on Sussex’s online Energy Policy MSc course, how studying with professionals from around the world has enriched her learning and the ways her newly acquired skills have impacted her current role.

Why did you choose to study online at the University of Sussex?

Firstly, I wanted to genuinely be a part of a global multi-cultural network, one in which I could meet and work with people from diverse backgrounds. Secondly, I wanted to participate in a programme different from the norm, which would provide the tools to influence a transition toward sustainable energy. The online Energy Policy MSc, I believe, offered just that.

Why did you choose to study Energy Policy

A desire to be part of the solution to climate change and ensure sustainability for future generations specifically deepened my interest in energy trends, sustainability and policymaking. This programme will advance my technical knowledge beyond the traditional upstream oil and gas business. It has offered the information and skills required to support decarbonisation efforts at a regional, i.e. Caribbean, and national level to deliver effective climate change responses.

What’s been your favourite module so far?

Of the six modules I’ve completed thus far, I sincerely liked ‘Understanding the Policy-Making Process’ and ‘Energy Sustainability’. The course content was engaging and I could readily relate to the class material as our projects were well suited to apply all that we learned.

How have you found online learning? 

I’ve enjoyed the global outreach and alliances formed with my classmates.

I’m grateful for the accessibility of this course to those such as myself who live so many thousands of miles away. I can still work and earn a living and, even better, study at my own pace. Access to the school library and its vast range of online literature is phenomenal. The high quality of our lecturers further enriches the standard of the Energy Policy MSc course.

How do you manage your study time around other personal and professional commitments?

I do my best to put in three hours of study daily after work and use the weekends for additional catch up.

How has this course impacted your career and/or personal development so far?

Personally, I’ve learnt to work with others from differing backgrounds and cultures. When working in a team, I’ve also learnt to be flexible and considerate of classmates’ needs for private and family time, work, etc. Teamwork and an appreciation of diverse views have become even more essential.

On a professional level, I’ve recently made a move back into a wholly technical role, supporting the Trinidad and Tobago GHG-Enhanced Oil Recovery work group to evaluate the feasibility of a national pilot, incorporating policy and legal frameworks to progress our carbon neutral strategy.

What advice would you give to anyone considering this online course?

Take that step! This programme not only teaches you about energy and policy theory, it also introduces you to the values of being a better global citizen, recognising inequalities, and contributing to a broader community that respects moral worth and human rights.


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