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Exclusive events for our students to network with renowned Energy Policy experts

Hosted exclusively for students studying our Energy Policy MSc (online), members of the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) run monthly networking events to provide an opportunity for thought-provoking debates, sharing of research insights and a social, online environment to grow professional networks. Find out more about the events and benefits of attending below.


Introducing energy experts from SPRU

Our Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) is one of the world’s leading centres of research on science, technology and innovation policy and management, and is also part of the Sussex Energy Group, one of the largest energy policy research groups in the world.

Comprised of globally renowned academics, SPRU is home to a vibrant research community with diverse interdisciplinary backgrounds and expertise. Our researchers are at the forefront of new ideas, problem-oriented research and creative, high-impact engagement with decision-makers influencing and impacting science policy worldwide.

Our Energy Policy MSc (online) is delivered by academics from SPRU who bring the course to life by interweaving SPRU’s cutting edge research into the module content. Sharing the latest research insights with students ensures our MSc remains relevant in the ever-changing landscape and equips you to graduate with the tools to develop, implement and analyse policies from a grassroots level to a national scale regardless of the organisation or country in which you work.


Don’t just learn from them, network and build invaluable connections

On our Energy Policy MSc (online), you will engage in rich debates with our academics during core teaching hours alongside other professionals studying on the course from around the world, but we want to give you even more contact time outside of the curriculum and modular focuses.

Introducing our monthly networking events, hosted exclusively for students studying Energy Policy MSc (online). Students are joined by a new, special guest each month from SPRU who will host an open discussion shaped by attendees’ questions about their latest research projects, involvement in the transition to clean energy or other research topics of interest. Through a student-led format and environment, students have the opportunity to build connections, gain insights, ask leading experts in energy policy, and develop their understanding of the key global challenges such as climate change.


“Tell me more…”

The special guest is announced ahead of the event in an invitation to students so you can choose whether you’d like to attend – it is optional and attendance does not gain academic merit. The hour-long online events take place during a day and time that best fits students and staff, however it is also recorded for anyone who is unable to attend.

“What will I gain from participating in the events?”

Connecting with a diverse range of experts from SPRU outside of core contact times enables you to gain insights from academics already teaching on the course that you might not yet have met, in addition to other SPRU members outside of your direct teaching circle but are actively engaged in research areas of your interest. Networking with special guests can help you to engage in rich debates, develop interdisciplinary knowledge, and gain a deeper understanding of research that is currently being carried out across the sector.

Whether you wish to participate in the discussions actively or not, you will still gain valuable insights by listening in and networking opportunities with your peers and SPRU researchers. Also, this is a perfect opportunity to raise and discuss your ideas and real-world questions with our research experts in a safe and welcoming environment.

SPRU’s Research Fellow, Dr Paul Upman, held our very first networking event. Let’s hear what he had to say:


I very much enjoyed talking with the students for an hour. They came from several continents and obviously worked in a wide variety of contexts. I talked to them about sociotechnical transitions theory, which they knew a little about, and about how individuals have not historically been a core concern of that literature.

I was impressed at how the students are fitting their studies around their jobs, with time zone differences meaning that some were at work, others engaged while commuting. Overall, the experience gave me a sense of how the Sussex Online Distance Learning is connected with a wide range of people internationally – and that the course is both valued and having an impact globally.

Fiona Hubbard, Energy Policy MSc Online Student, attended one of the events and wanted to share her experience:

“The SPRU social events are a great way for Energy Policy online master’s students like me, to get to know the SPRU community and gain a more comprehensive understanding of the breadth of work done at SPRU. We have had the opportunity to meet with some course convenors as well as some doctoral students and post-doc researchers. It’s a practical and encouraging way to cultivate the SPRU community and network, as well as get a sense of how to go about applying that shared interest in energy policy after we’ve finished the course.”

If you would like to learn more about our professionally focused Energy Policy MSc (online) and its interdisciplinary teaching approach, please visit our course page for more information.