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Home to the Science Policy Research Unit and Sussex Energy Group, the University of Sussex is recognised globally as one of the world’s leading university’s for research on science, technology and innovation policy and management.

Driven by a desire to address real-world problems and develop innovative solutions for a sustainable future, we work with policy makers, industry and civil society to open-up pathways to inclusive and sustainable energy futures.

Our key research themes include;

  • Energy innovation and transitions
  • Economics and finance
  • Energy justice
  • Energy demand and behaviour
  • Smart infrastructure
  • Energy supply technologies

Our faculty members are recognised around the world as experts within their field and bring together a set of unique ideas, skills and expertise, providing a truly interdisciplinary approach to the study of Energy Policy. They are leading research projects from Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa, from the Middle East to Central and Southern America.

As a student on the Energy Policy Masters online, you’ll focus on real-world energy problems and the need for policy which provides sustainable solutions for all society and will draw on research from some of these world-renowned academics.

Scroll through the maps below and discover more about the ground-breaking research we’re currently involved in.

Find out more about the Energy Policy MSc (online).