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Taking on a higher education course can sometimes feel like a bit of a gamble. It can be difficult to foresee how your degree course is going to tie into the real-world projects you’ll be taking on as an industry professional.

What you might not know is that universities work closely with industry bodies to make sure their marketing degrees are built around the needs of employers. Here at the University of Sussex, we think very carefully about how your curriculum qualify you for current industry opportunities. The content of each of our modules is designed to target specific job roles, equipping you with the skills you need to flourish from your very first day in the office.

Let’s take a look at some of the opportunities open to students with a postgraduate marketing degree.

Build a career in digital marketing

By 2022, digital ad spend in the UK alone is set to hit £17.6 billion. Without a doubt, digital is the new standard for marketing activities the world over. The reach, targeting and direct-response data management options available to digital marketers far outstrips any other format.

That’s exactly why our International Marketing MSc course dedicates an entire module to digital marketing. In fact, almost every module on this Masters course will use digital platforms and channels to enrich your marketing skills, whether you’re studying data and analytics, market strategy or international branding and communications.

With a quality set of skills in digital marketing, you can aim for a range of roles that includes Digital Marketing Manager, Pay-Per-Click Marketing Executive, eCRM Digital Marketing Executive, Marketing Communications Manager and many more.

Become a master of social media

The role of a Social Media Manager is totally unique to the modern industry landscape. However, today’s social media marketers draw on a broad range of digital skills that are rooted in both traditional and contemporary marketing approaches. Around the world, social media users spend an average of two hours and 16 minutes using social networks of various types. As a social media expert, it’s your job to grab the attention of these users and build thriving online communities around your products.

Social media is a critical subject explored in both our Digital Marketing and International Branding & Communication Strategy modules. They’ll qualify you for excellent marketing job opportunities such as Social Media Manager, Community Manager, Head of Communications and many more, depending on your experience level.

Make your mark in public relations

There was a time when Marketing and Public Relations (PR) were two very distinct industries. Today, the lines between the two have blurred, as private individuals with social media accounts outstrip the reach and influence of multi-million dollar companies. The difference between newsworthy stories, editorial and advertising is equally ambiguous, as the ubiquitous term ‘content’ becomes the driving factor for engagement.

For these reasons, a degree in marketing can be an excellent foundation for a career in the public relations industry. PR professionals are masters at branding, communications and outreach, all of which are skills studied closely on the International Marketing MSc. Graduates from the course can transfer this knowledge into PR roles such as Media Coordinator, Communications Manager, Senior Account Manager or Social Outreach Specialist.

Build your analytical method with marketing research

Understanding consumer behaviour is the first job of any marketer. Without a strong knowledge of how consumers interact with brands, channels and products, it’s impossible to leverage the messaging you need to engage an audience. The International Marketing MSc dedicates several modules to teaching the quantitative skills needed for success in the marketing industry.

Marketing Research, Marketing Analytics and Metrics and Business Analysis Tools & Managing Consultancy Projects all focus in on data, providing you with an extensive background in analytical frameworks. These skills translate exceptionally well into jobs such as Marketing Data Analyst, Chief Marketing Officer and Marketing Automation Strategist. However, no matter your role in marketing, from brand management to creative design, chances are you’re going to need some understanding of data to succeed.

To learn more about the opportunities available to you with a marketing degree, make sure you read through our International Marketing MSc course page. You’ll discover how our CIM Accreditation makes landing a job after graduation that much easier.